Copy of A2-Class2
photo credit Artist Asylum 

Our Approach

Provide the tools and baseline knowledge so people can build beautiful things on their own. Businesses and people seeking to develop their side hustle have access to industry expertise otherwise reserved for those on top.

Our Story

Maker/hackerspaces are great places to explore and learn. After our local hackerspace moved away, there is nothing servicing all of DTLA, East LA or SGV. Everyone has experience to contribute, lets learn from each other.

Meet the Team

A Community is only as strong as those involved. We are looking for dedicated people with a wide range of skill sets to make this happen.

Max Orozco


Neuroscience researcher at USC. Born, raised and resident of Boyle Heights. Co-Founder of Lumeum, a VR life enrichment program for seniors and individuals in long term healthcare settings. Entrepreneur with interests in: Art, VR, brain-computer interfaces, bicycling, and making LA kickass.